Review 2189

Simplicity and Chaos, the name prepares you for the site you are to encounter. Primarily a blog come journal this site incorporates some classical MT design features in a very structured layout, little boxes break up the entries and the links. Its clear and easy to surf.

The journal entries themselves are concise and straight to the point, written in a note like format. It isn’t blossoming with detail, but could be interesting to those who are interested in the lives / experiences of other people, especially women. For Jennifer blogging is an opportunity to lay her life on the line, and to grow as an individual because of it. I didn’t see much evidence of that, but it is still a young journal and I feel confident that he writing style is such that it will grow alongside her confidence.

Rated 2.5 – A nice tailored design with concise entries. Good for those who enjoy the lives and experience of an individual.
Simplicity and Chaos

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