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I liked this site as soon as I entered. It wasn’t fussy or overcrowded and has just about everything you’d want in a site: clean layout, very readable posts, a thorough “about” section, some good links and even poetry.

In writing about his daily life, Amor covers a lot of subjects: love, religion, girls, friends, and goes from funny to thought provoking. Some favourites, that give an idea of the variety, are “Radio Flyer” descibing an incident in a toy store and “Amor in Review”. I was surprised to read a recent post in which Amor writes of his feelings for a girl and says, “she’s probably going to read this.” Most people edit what they write when they know that those close to them will be reading, but this constant openness is one of the real gifts of the site.

The layout, in popular blues, greys and whites, is simple to navigate and although it is unadventurous, it looks very clean and professional. There is a good space for the blog, so the writing is not cramped, and the top navigation bar allows you to move around the sections easily. There is also a column for archives, photos and external links. The photos are accompanied by amusing captions, such as, “Virgil was just testing out his new digital camera. I was testing out my new silly grin. I think it needs more grin and less silly.” Another column has pictures of, and links to, the books, games and music that Amor is currently using, which allows you to see even more into the life of the author.

Through his weblog, Amor comes across as warm, friendly and fun. His refreshing honesty and straight-forward writing style make this an attractive read and really warmed me to him. The site had me rooting for him and made me want to return over and over.Amor said

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