Review 2187

When you arrive at you know you are arriving at site whose design reflects the author’s tastes and personality. It’s a mixture of links and journal entries, nothing original there, but it is unique in its own way. The links are generally ones they have stumbled across or reflect occurrences in their everyday lives.

The design itself is obviously original, with a lot of flowers and a lot of pink. Not to my taste, but not unpleasant to the eye. It’s obviously a very feminine blog. I had two fairly minor problems with the site design, the first being the “Daily Reads” column at the side which I found did not really fit with the rest of the design and distracted my eye from the content in the centre. The second – Large spaces between lines tends to expand entries longer than they need to be and has a tendency to throw out the design. Modifying this could condense entries and make them easier to read.Nothing too annoying.

Her writing style was easy to read, nothing original, but yet easy to follow, amusing and with evidence of a modicum of wit.

The entries are concise and to the point, especially those surrounding links. Certainly the author doesn’t like to mince with words and prefers to get straight to the point, but a little more detail surrounding some of her more interesting links would be beneficial, and allow for a greater understanding of what the reader will see when he follows quoted link.

Overall though the site is fairly enjoyable to follow, within some interesting links off. Personally I like new links to open in a new browser window especially when I intend keeping the original site open. This means I can move about more easily, return to the author’s site and continue surfing their suggestions more easily. But that’s more a personal preference than a criticism.

All in all, this is a very personal contribution to the weblogging world. In following the various entries and links, we learn a little of the individual behind the site and that’s always interesting. Photo’s remind you this is very much Mary’s home on the web, so add to personality of the site overall. Overall an interesting journey into a personal site, warranting a rating of 3.5 Nothing remarkable but an interesting voyage non the less.

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