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I wasn’t sure what to expected from a site entitled “Depressed Cow”, but whatever it was this site didn’t really fit the bill. I don’t mean that in the bad sense either, because more than anything else I expected a poorly designed diary filled with rants about the inadequacy of their lives. Depressed Cow doesn’t really fit that bill. The design on entry immediately brings to your attention that the author knows exactly what they are doing.

The beauty of this site lies with the graphics, they are superb and not you’re run of the mill borrowed clip-art, these are truly the work of an individual. Obviously a popular item, because the author has taken the time to set up a collection with café press. For once I can understand why. These graphics are quirky, individual and above all else hilarious. Am I raving too much about the graphics? OK I’ll move on.

This is a personal blog in every essence of the word; it’s a journal, filled with truthful and detailed entries about the author’s everyday life. She has an easy style of writing, and thankfully with better grammar than I can muster. A journal with appeal and judging from her bio this is not without reason. I liked this journal because she has the courage to stand forward and admit she has a problem, works with it via blogging, and I think in doing help others with the same.

Overall the design is stunning and despite being a journal, and therefore personal in every essence of the word a very enjoyable read. It may not be to everyone’s tastes, but undoubtedly a site which would attract a loyal cliché of returning visitors. I give this site a rating of 4, for the good design and the author’s strength to face a problem in such an honest and enjoyable way. Good luck in your endeavors Becky.
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