Review 2185

Nothing stands out about this site, namely because it is based on a generic blog template. Sadly this means the first impression isn’t impressive, and will result in most audiences passing over it without looking beyond the first page. Sadly I am not sure that they would stay long even if they did progress it.

So the design of the site is blue, lots of blue with very little individuality tailored into the design. Blogger templates are OK if they are adapted; on their own they are as dull as dishwater.

Moving into the weblog itself. There isn’t anything about the author, and a little “about me” section maybe would have added little bit more personality into this otherwise expressionless page.

Mostly the posts contain random links the author has stumbled across, with the odd comment attached here and there. Seemingly nothing remarkable again. There is an occasional journal entry, based on daily life stuff, as it happens. There are however some interesting images, which may well be captivating for those who like the artistic side of photography.

The writing style is simple, and doesn’t really stand out. Quite clearly the author doesn’t seem to like the shift key, as nothing is capitalized. No big deal there, but it can distract from content if readers are not used to seeing this.

Overall the site has some interesting links. I can’t pick anything that stands out for me, so generally it isn’t a site I would visit repeatedly. The 3 rating is because, at least recently the weblog hasn’t presented anything unique and remains a fairly average contribution to the weblogging world. But in all fairness is as worthy a contribution anyone else’s. Stunning images, interesting links but lacking that crucial “come back factor”
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