Review 2184

Over and over is a journal written by a twenty-something women by the name of Susie. It would have been nice if there was an About page… I had to do a lot of reading just to get some basic info about the author. In spite of this… the more I read of her journal the more I enjoyed it, so I found it disappointing that it is such a young blog…

I prefer sites where the owner has a bit of style, or have done their own design. I’m not a big fan of the cookie cutter sites (mmm cookies…) So I liked that this was a great looking, well designed site.

I found the blog entries to be amusing, well written and I loved Susie’s sarcastic wit. Susie writes about : smoking, weight-loss, life’s desires, weight-loss, her boyfriend, work, importance of family and weight-loss. Did I mention weight-loss? She is very good at reflecting on a day’s events. All of her entries have a unique flair and each entry clearly captures Susie’s feelings. I liked her narrative voice and I often found her entertaining.

I did find it odd that she says she uses a spell checker (like I wish EVERYONE would – i do cuz i spel so goood 😛 ) and yet there are still a few spelling mistakes. I know, picky picky. Any ways…Some of her words.

“My bro cooked me tea tonight, delicious chicken, peppers, onion, chopped tomato and chilli tortillas with boiled rice. Was lovely. Going to go and spend some quality time with my Dad and brother now and try not to laugh as they argue and take the piss out of each other. Ahhh, aren’t families (even dis-jointed, slightly bizarre ones) lovely?”

“I cannot fathom why someone who has not got the shapeliest of legs thinks that tightly encasing them in lycra is a good plan. They aren’t a style statement on the most”

“I was a grown up today. Went to a meeting and looked very serious whilst people rowed about who should send an email. Honestly. A discussion lasted about 30 minutes over whether the credit deptartment or the admin deptartment should send a particular monthly email. It took 10 people half an hour to reach an answer. To be honest I’m just pleased it all got sorted because, hey, I wouldn’t have been sleeping tonight.

He he. Ahh, yes. Corporate reality sucks, but this blog doesn’t. Good job Susie. I hope you succeed in all your ‘resolutions…’.

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