Review 2183

Butterbug is a journal written by a young aspiring writer. From the initial posts found on the first page it is easy to forget that the writer of this blog is only a 15 year old high school student. Her posts are an interesting combination of her experiences as a wannabe writer and her personal reflections. From the extracts on her page this is truly someone who expresses themselves best in the writen medium, as she all too readily declares herself.

The design of the site is simple yet classically pleasing to the eye. The fact that it is so clean means it does not distract from the content. Examples of her work are there but are not actually part of the site, which can make navigating between journal and her writing examples a little tedious, albeit worthwhile.

“A lone sail whitens for an instant
Within the fog of the blue sea!..
What does he seek in countries distant?
In native lands, what did he leave?..”

This is a mere glint of the talent this young lady is bound to develop in the future.

The author’s posts encompass all manner of subjects from literature to the big screen, and her comments whilst short are often well developed and thought out. Personally I look forward to reading more about the authors own writing, so that I could learn a little more about her genre and style. Perhaps incorporating her existing work into the journal itself would draw more visitors to those sections.

Butterbug all in all is a site I would recommend to those wannabe writers, existing writers who may lend a helpful hint along the way and of course those among us who enjoy a quality read.

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