Review 2182

When I first loaded up this blog, I was impressed with the clean-cut design. The various shades of grey and blue blended in well with the overall site design, which is simple and easy to navigate. I must admit, however, that I was initially surprised by the number of categories that were available to tour. Frankly, I didn’t know where to start.

This hesitation quickly ended when I went through a few of the categories and realized that each is essentially a collection of various links that the author found interesting or intriguing. I found this to be unique to the site in that as you went through the diferent links, you began to form a picture of the author in your mind. As for my picture, I saw a photography-loving, computer-oriented, google-loving person. The site focuses on a broad range of categories, but I found the largest collection of links in the photography and computer-security related areas.

The author’s posts generally consist of articles from other sources, but the blogging is punctuated by occasional messages in specific categories, such as ‘rambling’ or ‘announcements’. I liked how the front page consisted of potpourri of articles from different sections of the site. The gallery is also an interesting part of the site with some very well taken pictures. I would have liked to have seen more of the author – perhaps an about page.

All in all, is a site I would recommend to those who share the same interests as the author – namely computers in general, web design, and google. Speaking of google, the blog has one of the most detailed collections of links ABOUT Google that I’ve ever seen – an interesting page that I would take a look at when you visit this site.

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