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I wish I knew more about this girl. Katelyn does a wonderful job chronicling her daily events and clueing in all of these random readers on her thoughts and opinions, but you can only draw your own conclusions from this type of a weblog.

I read the entire weblog, from day one until the latest post. I feel like I know an overwhelming amount of information about Katelyn, but I feel like I’ve only gathered my own ideals on what she’s like, and could be way off. That is, I suppose, the novelty of having a weblog that can be so anonymous and mysterious.

From reading post after post, I’ve realized that Katelyn is extremely intelligent. She can write and write and write about absolutely anything. While this is great if you know Katelyn and you’re familiar with what’s going on in her life, as an outside reader, you sometimes have trouble processing all the information you’re reading. And sometimes there are posts where you wonder if the author is actually just “talking” to herself.

Once, in my junior high Language Arts class, we had to do this exercise that consisted of just writing and writing and not taking a break until a certain amount of time was up. There were several posts throughout this entire weblog that made me wonder if this wasn’t one of those exercises.

The design is very simple. There’s a calm purple background surrounding a white table, where all of the weblog content, archives, and brief “about the author/site” section goes. To put it simply, it works for the site.

She wasn’t kidding in the description of herself to the left of her weblog when she said “It is: very hard for me to relate to people. Can YOU relate to me?” Personally, I could not relate to her at all. Maybe you can?

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