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It wasn’t until October 2002 that Peter started really giving us some posts to go on. Since September 2001, when the site rolled out, it was extremely hit and miss with entries until October of this past year.

Peter reviews books from time to time. Driving to and from work, he listens to audiobooks, so we not only get a good idea of what the book is like, but a very valid review about the person that’s reading the book.

The reason Peter started this site was to demonstrate to this family and friends that he’s still alive and relatively well. The exact description he gives us at the top of his page is as follows: “the page also serves the purpose of showing off my travel pictures and dive log, when I fell cranky I’ll put up a few rants. This place isn’t perfect but it is home.”

In addition to the regular weblog that’s mainly updated with various external links, there’s also a photolog full of travel pictures and a dive log that keeps a written record of all the scuba diving Peter does.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of the entries made in the main weblog portion of the site revolve around links to elsewhere on the World Wide Web. While these links are often something very interesting and certainly work checking out, I enjoyed the weblog even more when Peter would share his opinion of the current events he linked to, or keep us posted on his personal world around him.

The layout of the site isn’t too impressive. It doesn’t all line up the way it could and probably should, so it’s a little awkward to look at sometimes. Maybe I’m too much of a “lines must go together” person, but it looks a little rough around the edges as far as the exactness of the layout goes. The colors used go very well together, and the navigation is very well laid out, so you can definitely find your way around the site.

Overall, yes, this is an informative site. Entertaining and personal, though? I’m not so sure about. Peter’s a good writer, and his writing is very easy to understand. If, after taking a look at Vazdot, you find that you share common interests with Peter, then I’m sure you will enjoy this site.

Vazdot – Bloggin Tokyo and diving Asia

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