Review 2177

This was the first travel-type weblog I’ve ever seen, let alone reviewed.

Our author takes us through his many journeys over the past years, traveling from all over Asia, South America, and Australia starting back in February of 2002.

The first entry started out on the flight to Delhi. Rhymer gives us information about the passengers he meets on the plane and those he encounters in the airport. I’ve always felt like airports and any group of people traveling are just thousands of stories waiting to be written, and Rhymer certainly takes advantage of these opportunities.

The menu of different travel entries you can choose from have a “P” in front of the entries, indicating there are supposed to be pictures in these entries. Finding the photos wasn’t as easy as it sounded, or maybe I just wasn’t thinking. It was until I started randomly clicking on things that I found the yellow arrow next to the word photos was actually a link to the photo section of each entry. And come to find out all of the little yellow triangles are different ways to navigate around the site.

After figuring everything out, I found to be full of all kinds of information. You learn about not only the cultures and geography of foreign places you may never get to visit yourself, but you also get the chance to read about a traveler’s experiences, both good and bad, that give you an overall view of what it’s like to be in a different country. I, for one, don’t have any plans in the near future to do this kind of extensive traveling, so personally, this site was an educational experience of the utmost.

Rhymer’s writing, while very informative, is also very casual. Instead of reading like a tour guide pamphlet, does read like an actual journal, making it an interesting to check back in on as Rhymer continues his travels around the world.

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