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You can imagine the thoughts that were circling through my overactive imagination when I saw the title for this weblog. I was more than excited to click on any link that said Leather Condom. And I’d already prepared myself for it being strictly a shock-value title, but I liked that. It worked. It got me in the door – but could the writing make me want to stay?

This site did have condoms and it did have leather, but not quite what you would expect. The leather portion of the title was covered by a graphic used at the top of each page of a leather seat. I’m sure it has a fancy name, but I can’t think of it right now. And were there ever condoms! I was quite impressed with the Condom Trivia along the left hand side bar. I’ve never learned such information about this lovely form of contraceptive as I had by reading this information. Towards the end, I was half expecting a guide on how to wear one. Another nice touch to this site.

Through my entire visit of Leather Condom, I found many things that were very entertaining on a wide array of subject matter. I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one that found Lord of the Rings to be boring – Emma experienced those same feelings when the Leather Condom first opened up shop in Dec 2001. I was also amused by Emma’s tales of bra shopping, her take on the slang that Americans use, and my personal favorite, an entry called “Was Jesus the result of heavy petting?”.

To touch base on the layout of the site, I would have to say it certainly worked for this site. No, there weren’t pictures of condoms slapped all over the site, but the black and white made things very clean to read. You’ve got an “about” section that’s quite thorough, other links that are definitely worth visiting, over a year’s worth of archives, and also some links to different posts that contain reviews on movies, music, etc.

Entertaining writing, great personality, and a dry sense of humor are some of the things that make this weblog one I’m adding to my bookmark list. Emma makes you laugh, makes you think, and might just have you coming back day after day to check things out. I’d give it a shot, and you might just find a new “favorite read”.

Leather Condom

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