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The URL of this domain may reflect Dave as being the guy who put this site together, but there are a total of eight different guys who are responsible for the different information you’ll find at With the compilation of entries I read, this weblog easily fits in the Entertainment category.

First off, the writers/contributors – what an eclectic mix of guys. Not only by reading the posts they throw up on the site did I learn this, but also through the contact link provided for all of the authors. Granted, I’m sure a good portion of that part of the site is purely for entertainment value, I did get the feeling that perhaps Eugene does have some issues with Mrs. Jurinski’s 12th grade calculus class, and that maybe Dave’s fondness of Korean boy bands goes a bit farther then what he lets on. Nonetheless, it’s a fun, yet somewhat obscure way to give us some information about the people that do the posting.

The layout and design wasn’t something I had anything but an indifferent opinion for. It worked great for the site – weblog entries were easy to read, navigation was simple, and everything worked like it was supposed to.

Underneath the random adorable photos of a little boy (with the exception of a Jet Li headshot) that I’m assuming might be Dave or one of the other guys, you learn that is split up into five parts. The weblog, of course, along with a portfolio, a music related link called Okay Samurai, Second Nature (a comic strip), and Second Nature World, where you can play a video game with your keyboard.

The weblog is certainly entertaining. And above that, it also keeps you abreast on current events you may not have any clue about. Video games, which I don’t have much interest in, are a hot topic at Somehow these fellas managed to keep even my attention when writing about the latest and greatest in the video game arena, so something certainly has to be said for that. The music industry is another often discussed area, with updates of their personal music taking off, or even the latest rants and ravings of the “professional” music world.

The other previously mentioned portions of the website are entertaining and worth visiting, just as are all the archives for the site since it began. A first visit to this site wouldn’t be complete without fully exploring all aspects of it.

I liked this site. It was funny, it kept my attention, and you just can’t help but like the guys that write from time to time. It’d one I’d definitely recommend visiting once or twice just to see if it tickles your fancy.

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