Review 2173

I’ve never read a weblog anything like this one. The entire thing is purely fiction.

The author has made it easier for us to read the weblog through like an actual story by using this link. I’d definitely recommend that if you’re thinking about giving this site a look. It makes much more sense reading it in that order as opposed to a backward chronological order.

The writing style of the entire site gets better over time. January 9, 2002’s entry was the first one I read, and right away, I knew I wanted to read how this weblog got to this point.

The layout of the site isn’t anything spectacular. The background looks as if it’s one of standard stationary templates that comes with Outlook Express, but the vine down the side actually goes along quite well with the whole idea of the site.

The only thing missing from this site that would have helped out in functionality is an archives section. There is an option to read from the very beginning, but if I happened to be a long time reader and just hadn’t gotten a chance to read it for a few days, it’s very tough to find out where you stopped.

If you’re a first time reader, start from the beginning. It starts off at just a novel concept, in my opinion, but as time goes on and the characters become more developed and the things that happen become more detailed, I found myself becoming more and more enthralled with Jamie each day.


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