Review 2172

Although this is a relatively new blog (archives go back to the end of November), Will seems accustomed to writing his thoughts out. Most of the entries here are of considerable length and detail, documenting the important happenings in Will’s life (mostly about his long-distance girlfriend)and his personal thoughts and reflections on them.

Perhaps due to his being a philosophy major, Will comes across as a sensitive and emotional young man. In his blog, he probes himself and lays out everything openly. Will’s self-analyzing entries are interesting to read, although the pace is somewhat slow and Will seems to mull over certain things repetitively. Other than text posts, Will also occassionally puts up pictures taken of his area, a nice touch.

I think that the layout complements the site perfectly. The calm and peaceful blues reflect the overall tone and mood very nicely.

Will’s journal comes off as being somewhat melodramatic. Nevertheless, it makes an interesting read.

Will’s Journal: Blankness, nothingness, everything

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