Review 2172

There’s a lot to read here. Most of Will’s entries are very long. They’re detailed, and you know exactly what he’s talking about. I could easily see, though, if a reader isn’t interested in what the author may be talking about at that particular time,

Reading the entry about the time just days ago that Will spent with his girlfriend in Minneapolis and how much he cherished that small amount of time they spent together was just one of the many entries that really forced anyone reading the site to be able to form some type of personal connection with Will – feeling his pain of leaving her, his joy of just being close enough to touch her, and all the other emotions described those few paragraphs.

My first thought of this site was on its appearance – it seemed to dark and dreary as it loaded in my browser. However, the different shades of blues and purples that are used compliment each other very well and it does make for a serene appearance.

Of course, it would have been nice to get an idea of who this “Will” guy was. He’s a student and we find that out right away, but I still have tons of unanswered questions about this guy and would have loved to learn more about him personally.

This is still a relatively new weblog. I could only find archives dating back just a couple of months. As time goes by, I can only see more and more people become regular readers of this particular weblog.

Will’s Journal: Blankness, nothingness, everything

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