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Anie is your typical angst ridden, why-me, hates-the-world, miserable teen who expresses her misery quite well in her blog. In spite of her constant over the top melodrama, her blog is honest, emotional and full of entries like this:

“I wish I could go back and relive my life. Life used to be so good. Now I don’t see the use for living. Life is so depressing anymore. I used to be so happy. I used to say I wanted to be so grown up. Now I look back and say I want to be a kid again. Life is too stressful. I miss the days when I could hang out with friends and we didn’t have anything to worry about. Now there is so much to worry about, and I fear my worries will lead to walking pneumonia (or pneumonia).”

Many entries are of the “I’m depressed” sort and they get tiresome real fast. Some entries contain a little more substance when she adds a political quote or rants about abortion, occasionally she has some poetry… but usually she is just depressed. She is always depressed. I think she should see a doctor or choose her words more carefully. Depression is a serious illness and tossing the word depression around for sympathy, attention or effect is wrong.

I think this is a blog other angst ridden teens might want to read, perhaps they could relate. The rest of us, however, won’t find this blog too satisfying. There aren’t many entries either, the archives go back barely two months. (Just enough to avoid the TWR 2 star archive crunch) The comments to her blog entries (and her subsequent responses to the comments) are fairly interesting:

“everyone acts slightly different around different sets of people, it’s not you, it’s just the effect those people have on your personality, you might just show one side more than others around different people…don’t fret
kate | 12.24.02 – 3:41 pm | #”

I guess, but… …just so dramatically???
I guess it’s part of being “enthusiastic personafied”… …or maybe I’m just depressed. Hmm…
Anie | 12.26.02 – 11:32 pm | #

A few things…Edit the contact code it reads “mailto:enter your email address here”. It makes a poor impression. Admittedly I use Word’s spell checker a lot. My spelling is awful. Why can’t others cut, paste and check their entries? Anie should learn this skill as well. Typical teen angst. Grrr. OI-vey.

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