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This is the weblog of small-town-Wisconsin-native, Ira, who’s now living in Chicago. The North Avenue Traffic Report is a personal weblog detail Ira’s personal traffic report, if you will. Ira best explains his purpose and intent by letting all the readers know the story behind the title of the weblog, and how it effects what he chronicles at this site.

The way Ira narrates stories is often very picturesque. When he tells of his dumpster diving experiences, it’s very easy to imagine him, legs sticking out, scrounging around for that great deal that you can’t find anywhere else – aside from the bottom of a dumpster. With Ira’s description, for the first time ever, I realized the advantages of scoping out those perfect dumpsters and piqued my curiosity enough to wonder where I might find some professional dumpster divers in my area…

No, his posts aren’t all about digging things out of the garbage. A good portion of his posting deals primarily with his bike ride to and from work each day. I never knew one could have so much to write about just along a bike ride. Ira takes time to notice what’s going on around him each day, and does us all a favor by taking the time to write about it. It’s a refreshing thing to read for me, because on my way to work, all I’m concerned about is the jerk in front of me who keeps riding his brakes and the lady next to me who’s got her lipstick out trying to use her rearview mirror to apply it.

The only thing I really felt like I missed out on at the North Avenue Traffic Report was some more information about Ira. His stories sometimes clue us in to a little bit about him, but you only learn that if you go through the few months of archived entries that are available. I’d like to see somewhere I could read a more general description of this guy that managed to entertain me the whole time I read through this site.

The design of the site is nice. It uses standard black, white, and yellow. There’s nothing flashy or something that’ll throw in any shock value. It’s just a nicely done site that makes for easy navigation and easy reading.

Stop by and give the North Avenue Traffic Report a read for a few days. Ira is sure to hook you with is writing and just the mere way he can tell a story. And that always makes for a good weblog.

North Avenue Traffic Report

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