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This girl can vent, and I mean she can really vent. For people that have followed this particular weblog all along, they’ve known this from the first official post, where someone steals money from the author’s wallet. I would not have wanted to be on her hit list that day. And with her second post listing all over her boyfriends (Edward Norton, Jude Law, Paul Rudd, etc.), I felt like this was going to be the weblog of someone I just couldn’t help but like.

The posts continue on like that. The author goes off on a tangent quite regularly, but I don’t think that’s anything unusual from anyone else. And these particular tangents also happen to be ones that I’m sure lots of people out there could go off on just as well. It’s definitely something that I liked reading about, oddly enough.

It’s a Blogspot weblog, but I was exuberantly happy to see that the author had done something more to the design than just leave it in a prefab template. The background you find when you click on the archive link is a bit… well, bizarre, for lack of a better word. The full layout, though, is one that works for the site. It doesn’t actually tie in with the title in any way, but I suppose it doesn’t really have to.

The about section is limited. It’s very bare, but I suppose that works into the Bare part of the site’s title of “Barefoot and Happy”. There are other links available – one to a poll and of course several that lead to other sites the author frequents.

This is one of those rare weblogs that have you going “Hey, me too!” over and over again while reading each entry. To me, that makes a weblog one that you’ll want to come back to over and over again. Check this one out. I’m confident at least one of her posts will grab you and shake you just like it was something you’d said yourself.

Barefoot And Happy

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