Review 2154

Huh, I certainly have not seen many blogs that have their own merchandise line, but Arseblog has their own shirts, mugs, shorts and of course the indispensable Arseblog thong. It took me a minute to figure out Arse(nal) blog is for Arsenal, which is a team in the English Premier Soccer League. I can’t say I follow European soccer much, but if you do these site is a well maintained and informative resource. The coverage and knowledge of the team is VERY extensive.

The blog updates every move made by Arsenal with updates nearly every day. You can surely get your Arsenal info fix here (or from the numerous links within the blog). The entries are well written with a bit of crass humour. A little taste:

“So what FIFA are saying is the referee is always right….even if he’s wrong and subsequently proved to be wrong. Making the referee look like a twat and essentially undermining his credibility, if not his authority. Some rule changes have worked well for football, like the back pass rule (my abiding memory of Ray Clemence is him picking up back pass after back pass), and the offside rule change which benefited the attacker. This however is a stinking pile of horse vomit with a dinosaur sh*t on top.”

There is a forum to discuss games, players, coaches, everything Arsenal. In another area you can find pics, wallpapers and other fun stuff. I couldn’t imagine what else Arseblog could cram up its arse. A great sports blog and a must for any Arsenal or English Premier soccer fan. Go Gunners!

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