Review 2153

A standard Blogger template was the author’s layout of choice, with it being just slightly altered. Nothing really to write home about. I’m not sure what the title has to do with much of anything, or the image that Joel’s decided to use as the only graphic on the site.

The archives are grouped only a weekly basis, but only date back a month. With less than a dozen overall entries, Good Morning Robot can’t be given any higher than a 2.0 rating.

I’m hoping the Cowboy Bear Ninja game (very similar to the classic Rock, Paper, Scissors) takes off. I would love to see complete strangers making decisions in that format then the silly hand gestures they use in the original game now. There was also an interesting post about how to go about tipping different people in the UK. Should I ever make it over there, I know now what’s considered standard!

The author categorized this site as a humor weblog. While the biggest portion of the posts that are available are quite funny, I thought this weblog lied more in the personal category, and we’re just lucky to find an author who does have a great sense of humor to share in his posts.

Joel’s a funny guy. He posts about things that can, for the most part, relate to anyone. I’d check this site out for a good laugh, and perhaps bookmark it to come back now and then, because that’s just about how often it gets updated.

Good Morning Robot

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