Review 2152

Only up and running, according to the weblog archives, since June 2002, this weblog has clearly already become a hit with its readers. And after reading through it, I can certainly see why.

This is a group weblog. As of late, however, it’s mainly just two Girls in the Bag posting to the site – Emmie and Ellie. In their posts, they cover things from how they’d spend time in a peep show booth, thoughts of romances from the past, and quite a bit of sex.

There were some posts early on that I was completely in the dark about. Other times, I found posts that I could completely relate to and found myself saying “Wow, me too” from time to time. There’s just such a variety of things to read about at Girls in the Bag, and all of it is just so good.

The layout and overall design of the site? I loved it. The pinkish/purplish colors used throughout all coincided very well with one another. After hanging around the site for a while, I almost felt as if I wanted to buy toothpaste in 1950 – some type of a nostalgic feeling with the specific colors and black and white photo used in the layout. Weird, I know.

I really wanted to know more about the Girls in the Bag. After reading some of the entries, though, I can see how it could quite possibly be important to remain as anonymous as possible. There’s nothing hidden in these entries – except for the secret of exactly who these girls might be. I guess that’s just part of the “feminine mystique” this site is filled to the brim with.

This is, for the most part, a site where there are no rules, no limitations, and no reason for any reader not to want to make return visits to this site.


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