Review 2148

Met by pictures of naked boys, hiding their junk behind pants-in-hand, ‘Brandon’ gave an interesting first impression. The naked boys are holding jeans by the way, which is ironic, considering our new friend Brandon never liked wearing jeans … I guess that’s why the boys have them off instead of on?

Anyway … Brandon, 19, a Cancer, from Indiana, is quite the character. He’s a very literal writer, but inherently, his writing style expresses the down-to-earth personality he possesses. I think people can honestly relate to Brandon … he’s a college-going homosexual who is dealing with current things, admittedly affected by a prejudiced past, and ultimately growing as a result of remaining open to new experiences. I like Brandon … he’s a solid guy, with no regrets.

Brandon’s design is a very clean one. Easily navigated, and attractive, it’s all-in-all a functional, well designed weblog.

I think Brandon, the site, the blog, and the person is very worth anyone’s time. This weblog received a 4.5 because of it’s simplicity, and mild-spirited everyday ramblings./brandon

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