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Cold Climate Gardening is obviously a blog devoted to growing things in colder climates. It’s a collaborative blog which is only a few months old. I’m a gardener from a fairly cold climate [one hardness zone away from Cold Climate Gardening’s focus], so I can relate and I think this is such a great idea.

The bloggers who post to Cold Climate Gardening have a really good synergy. Their posts all sort of piggyback on each others, and, for those who understand the poetry of gardening, the writing is excellent. There’s discussion of how to plant certain flowers and issues of interest to gardeners, and book reviews.

The design of Cold Climate Gardening is very simple, but it really fits the blog. The greens are excellent and it’s very easy to read. My only complaint is the navigation. Archives only go back to November, but I found older archives by accident. There are no links between the old location and the new location of this blog.

Cold Climate Gardening has a great list of links to gardening information. In addition, readers can sign up to receive updates to the site. Contributors to the site are listed, but there’s no information about the contributors. I’d love to see a little information on each contributor – where they live, what kind of gardening they’re interested in, etc.

Aside from the navigational issues, the only real problem I could find is that the older archives show some broken image links.

Overall, Cold Climate Gardening is a good blog. I plan to become a regular reader. Because this is a blog with such a focused interest, I doubt it will appeal to a wide range of people, however.
Cold Climate Gardening

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