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Ahhh, to be a goddess (or god…)! One day I hope to wake up and be on the golden throne with my scepter, until then I’ll have to be content living vicariously through Erica.

An impressive site and blog. The author opens her heart and shares it with the web. The sincerity, candor and honesty of her blog is refreshing and makes for an engaging read. There is well over a years worth of entries, and she blogs nearly every day. So, you can really get to know this author quite well and you’ll want to…

Reading the blog it becomes apparent how important family and friends are to the author. The entries express her feeling about the people in her life, she also touches on writing (she is writing a novel!), life stories, sexual curiosity, lessons learned and day-to-day observations. (Great taste in music as well IMHO) đŸ™‚

A Sample of Erica’s blog:

“A conversation I had with an old friend of mine on Saturday led to a huge epiphany concerning the roles of other people in my life. Generally speaking, it is really hard for me to make good friends, like the kind you keep in touch with no matter what happens. Surprisingly enough, given my general standoffish attitude towards people, I have a couple of these close friends. Friendships are a high priority in my life…without them, I’d be an extremely lonely person, kinda like my mother. I see her go to work, come home, sleep…go to work, come home, sleep…and that’s it. I never see her do anything other than the mundane, everyday activities that make up a so-called normal person’s life. Nobody calls her, she doesn’t go out on her days off, she doesn’t invite anyone over. Other than me and one or two extended family members, she is quite alone.”

There are far too many excellent entries to post… I recommend discovering them for yourself. Without question, one of the best written and inspiring blogs I’ve read. A highly recommended read. My you never lose contact with your muse.
Vox Deam: The Voice of the Goddess

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