Review 2143

Because of a TWR rule that states: “Any site that does not have either a public link to the archives or is a new site (created in the last month) can score no higher than a 2.0 in the rating. “, I have no choice but to treat 2.0 marks as 5.0 marks, since I really could not find any links to archived entries. So Disarm gets 1.0, which would be 2.5 under normal conditions.

(Text located on the main page of TWR:

Submitting your site

Please do not submit your site if you do not have the following

-A link to your archives that is available to the public

-At least a full 6-8 weeks worth of content to review Without either of these things, it makes it very difficult to review the site and will result in a lower rating. If you feel the need to have your site reviewed with out either of these things we cannot give a favorable review.)

Perhaps due to her host, who has basically the same layout with a different color theme for his blog, Cloe has a design that leaves the most part of the page empty, while her entries are squeezed into a not-so-wide strip on the left. The color scheme consists of purple words on a purple background, while the font is smaller-than-10 tiny. Anything that makes readers lean forward to squint is irritating.

From the little content that I can judge on, Cloe appears to be your normal early-teen young blogger that blogs more about songs, tv programs, movies, fashion and books than his or her personal life. The reader knows virtually nothing about the blogger. There are no introductions, no links – just around one month’s worth of blog entries. I can only say that to the average reader more than fifteen-years-old, Disarm comes across as a childish blog of little notable content. If you are a teenager, however, Disarm offers light-hearted, short entries, with occasional jabs at certain books/music/tv programs/movies, written with delightful sarcasm.

This is a teenager’s blog, and in all fairness should be judged as a teenager’s blog. As far as teen blogs go, Disarm isn’t bad, but there isn’t anything that stands out either. With the addition of some info on Cloe, a few links and, most importantly, archives, Disarm will fare better.


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