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Wow. I instantly liked the layout at this site. It loaded quickly, it was simple, and I didn’t go cross-eyed trying to make heads or tails of everything. It was easy to navigate, and very clean looking.

Jorge’s got everything here that makes a complete site.

I wandered over to the “about me” section of the site first to see if I could get a small glimpse of who I’d be reading about. While there, I found pictures, a brief synopsis of what his intent is with the weblog, and a nice timeline that fills in a few random details about the author. Very neat part of the site!

Other bonuses at this site: a “buy me sh*t” list, complete with pictures and links to things on Jorge’s Christmas list, an MP3 of Jorge’s choice that you can download, and a very well put together photo section of the site complete with tons of pictures of everything and in every format imaginable.

Oh yeah. The weblog! How could I forget? Since March of 2001, Jorge’s been entertaining his readers with a variety of writing styles. Sometimes, you’ll find some type of free verse or random song lyric. And even just a couple of hours later, Jorge will post a rant about current events or fill us all in on what he’s up to at any given moment in time.

Jorge writes very well. His writing is in a style that gives off the feeling you’re in the middle of a true conversation with him. You don’t feel intimidated or left wondering what or who he might be talking about, but instead you feel like you’re really getting to know someone. And with Jorge, you can’t help but like him.

I’m adding this one to my list of daily weblogs I visit, and would highly suggest doing the same to anyone who’s interested in reading about the life this guy, who really knows how to keep someone coming back to read more about his own life.

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