Review 2141

My original review of Bingobowden was fatally flawed, it turns out, by a browser glitch which essentially killed part of the blog’s template and “lost” me the archive (Blogspot isn’t very kind when you deploy developer’s built browsers, and especially Mozilla).

Based on what appeared on my screen then, Bingobowden was rather thin and not very promising — but this was not the true blog. I should have suspected what had happened (because there are always telltale signs), but I didn’t.

Naturally, Stuart, Bingobowden’s owner, realizing that his blog had been massacred, was justifiably mad a hell (and said so on his blog on December 9th), and came back for a re-review. Gary responded with a job that, I think, covers all bases completely.

I read gary’s re-review and re-visited Stuart’s handiwork, after being alerted by Brent. I second gary’s 4.5 stars rating. Stuart is on the ball and doing well. And, of course, apologies are in order for the original shotgun blast. Bingobowden

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