Review 2140

First impressions were good. Some effort was made to create a graphic/colour theme which works well for the blog the site.

I –however– found the right column, containing Admired and Loved, About the girl etc. etc. VERY hard to read. Arial narrow; font-size: 9px? ACK! With the background image being the same colour as the text, some of the links were illegible. (Change the rollover to something other than white please…) 😉

But this is a blog review and the blog itself is very good. Tamsin is a witty, honest, intelligent writer who has a lot to say. The blog is mostly day-to-day events entries and personal reflections. Presently she is figuring out which University to pursue (or which will pursue her…).

A little taste of her writing:

“I’m not going to class today, I’m staying home. It must’ve rained enough to drown a small elephant this morning, and I’m not willing to sacrifice my dryness for two Pure Maths classes. I’d honestly rather have a lobotomy. Thus, it looks like today I will be: staying home, watching some Wobbl and Bob (perhaps interspersed with a little Gonzo – I love those sock puppets), and pretending to do some work. If work is now defined as “shopping for things you can’t afford at amazon”, then I should get a decent amount done today. *cough* “.

Heh,lobotomy you say?

In spite of a few missing pics, (yes the lovely red “X”) and the eye-straining arial narrow… the blog was good enough to pull the grade up a notch. A site to follow as I’m sure things will be improved. The author seems intent on learning more Photoshop and other web magic. An enjoyable narrative voice, I wish there were more entries…

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