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Rock and roll news with humor. You gotta love that.

This weblog’s very first entry puts the most accurate description I could possibly think of out for the readers right away. Simon, the author and creator of this weblog, describes this has “part fanzine, part diary, part pointless meanderings about music”. That’s exactly how I would have described the outcome of this weblog, with the exception of the word pointless. This weblog is anything but that.

Simon covers everything from the on-again/off-again romance between Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake to the constant shenanigans Michael Jackson throws the public’s way.

Its humor at its finest, as well, with lines like “the Mickey Mouse Clubber with the smack whore’s wardrobe” used to describe Christina Aguilera. Pop stars are often a target of Simon’s sarcasm and the butt of the majority of jokes at this site, but they’re well deserved and very funny to say the least.

The layout to this site isn’t the best I’ve seen, but the text is readable and that’s the main thing that’ll keep people coming back with this author at the helm. The past two years of archives are maintained on a weekly basis, and the site is updated on a regular basis. There are tons of links to other music-related weblogs down the sidebar as well.

For anyone that’s hooked on Top 40 music or has even the least amount of interest on what’s going on in the music industry, this site is a must add to your list of bookmarks. Simon gives you the links you need to keep updated, and also gives you the witty remarks about each link to keep you just as entertained without even leaving the site.

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