Review 2131

“The Emo Diaries” is a confusing site… I don’t think it is meant to be understood by the “outside world,” only to be a place for the author’s expressions.

The most confusing thing? The author writes frequently about someone named Sarah, yet the posts are signed “Sarah.” Same Sarah? Different Sarah? I’m confused.

But intermixed with the somewhat garbled descriptions of what I assume is high-school life are some of the most thought-provoking song lyrics or poems I’ve seen online in some time – and that’s where I see the true value of this site.

A good example: “you know how people laugh too loud (you know how people hug too hard):::i’m teetering:::daydreamer:::i’m so sorry:::for your arrogant trust:::i have none-i wish you had some-or the decency to look at me:::so scared:::don’t ask for an opinion:::i’ll tell you what you want to hear:::i’m too young:::but not for that”

It makes me want to hear more. It’s honest, but it’s got some serious quality, too.

As far as the design of “Emo Diaries” goes, it’s simple and seems to be incomplete, but could be nice. White and orange text on a black background works well; the background image of what I think is Epcot Center adds to the “magical” feeling of the song lyrics. But the links still say “Sample Link” from Blogger’s template and nothing was done to move the blog’s title down below Blogger’s banner ad, so the ad covers the title.

Overall, the lyrics make this site worth visiting, but it’s not easy to find them. What I’d most like to see would be this site splitting in two – a journal blog and a lyrics blog, with the lyrics blog indexed for easier finding. And that lyrics page would definitely be a

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