Review 2130

The Cartoonist doesn’t really say much at first glance. Coffee cup, a blue streak, and the words “Cartoons. Advertising. Raumpatrouille. OS X.” I fully expected a bizarre mix of news links to cartoons, advertising, programming, and Raumpatrouille [something SciFi-ish].

The writer, Ralf, does provide links to things related to his promise. I also found links to many other things as well. I can only find entries dating back to September, so it’s a rather young blog.

Normally I’m not a big fan of news blogs, but Ralf has some funny links. In addition, this is not strictly a news blog because Ralf posts the latest cartoons he’s drawn. It’s the best reason to visit the site — Ralf is very talented.

I may pop back to The Cartoonist from time to time, but I doubt I would become a regular reader. If you have an interest Raumpatrouille, it might be the blog for you.

The Cartoonist

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