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Stiletto Philosophy!

What a nifty, neat, warm blog. The colors? I love! The design? Truly cool and fully functional! The motto? “Working my way to the top, four inches at a time.” Couldn’t have put it better myself!

Three cheers for Carlene then whose (almost) daily musings are funny and charming. And there’s pictures — plenty of them. I liked the wildlife part. Carlene sounds happy and relaxed. She definitely takes life one step at a time. I have to tell you, after wading through a pile of personal blogs recently with little to offer but gloom and doom and nincompoop, Stiletto Philosophy felt like a long cool drink.

Another Movable Type-powered blog, Carlene’s offers links to “People I Read, “My Reference Materials,” the inevitable archives, and some other bits and pieces. I enjoyed the “People I read” part — and may be adding some of the sites there to my own favorites.

Carlene talks about a lot of things, work, books, Halloween, personal statements of philosophy, “Miscellaneous Answers to Family-type Questions,” and a whole load of other things.

You’d expect that such variety would create quick reader fatigue, but, on the contrary, this is one of Stiletto Philosophy’s strongest points. Carlene has put together a “running commentary” string, with its high and low points, the slow parts and the fast parts. Her writing is quick with an often wry sense of humor. The grand total is enjoyable reading that keeps you scrolling down the page.

I’ve added Stiletto Philosophy to my “Watch the Blog” list, and I only need to say the list hasn’t even reached two dozen entries. Special kudos to Carlene. This is a personal blog like no other. Stiletto Philosophy

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