Review 2117

The first and absolute thing I noticed when I came upon this blog was the green in the eyes. I couldn’t help it. I have a strange attraction to green eyes in general and the image is black and white, with the green color showing through. The blog seems so simply and yet, I have high hopes.

The first place I stopped was the “about” page. I try to avoid doing this, but I love to learn about the author before delving into their often intimate words and writings. How glad I am that I did. You’ll read that this author doesn’t have comments, for all of the reason I wish I didn’t have comments but am too much an attention whore to avoid. She’s writing for writing, and I give a lot of credit to her for this. Her first entry states that she may not continue to write for too long. As with most blogs, they start full force, and eventually die away, becoming less of a priority for the writer and thus the reader. Obviously, this blog continues. I’m hooked on this blog. I can’t help but find the entries completely enthralling. I keep thinking that this blog is the blog I meant to write, but never got around to being creative enough to do it.

The author tells about how women work and their mentalities, at least in the beginning. Soon after it becomes much more personal. The entry about her daughter is beautiful, for anyone who’s a mother or has been the “teen girl.” The writings are quite easily small short stories leaving the reader (at least this reader) wanting more. There are a lot of archives to read through, but for the most part, if you’re looking for quality, you’ll want to read through the majority of them.

The design is beautiful and simple. Like I mentioned above, the eyes of the image at the title leaves you wondering… Do these eyes belong to the author? The author’s daughter? Someone else entirely?? It doesn’t matter, because the blog speaks for itself. I continue to read, even as I tie this review up and bring it to an end. The blog is readable, and the archives work (with permalinks). It’s simply, but functional.

I’ve said it before in reviews, you can’t judge it based on the design. While the design is simply and functional, people might find themselves wondering why they’re even at this blog. Simply… content. This blog is filled with interesting stories about murderers and other such stuff. What makes this blog more interesting and fun is that they’re true and real stories. The author has a way with words, and I commend her on her ability to share, with the rest of us, her little take on life. Go and read. You won’t regret it. And if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself wishing you had more hours to spend starting at a stark white screen with little black words, and finding yourself completely enthralled. Completely.Broad At Bat

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