Review 2114

With nothing to greet me other than the Blogspot banner ad and a lot of black, I wasn’t sure what was going on at Lost in the South of N. America. Catchy title, though. I was hoping for some graphics of rednecks and deer antlers.

The writer, Kevin, lives in Florida and works in a natural foods market. One of the first things I read was that Kevin hates Americans because the ones at his market quibble over three cents. I was prepared to hate Lost in the South of N. America after that because that’s a huge generalization and a silly one, at that. Plus Kevin is an American. But Kevin has a really comfortable writing style that sort of sucked me in. For lack of a better way to explain it, there’s a certain intensity of Kevin’s writing that made me want to stick around. In one entry he quotes his father as saying he has a tendency to make things “melodramatic.” Maybe that’s what it is that draws me to Kevin’s writing.

There’s not much of a design going on here – just some tables. It’s not particularly interesting, but it’s functional.

Kevin doesn’t use capitalization, which wouldn’t bother me if the rest of it was full of grammar and punctuation goodness. It isn’t. There isn’t much immediate information on Kevin. He’s got an entry that is sort of an About Me type of thing, but doesn’t link to it from his index page. On his index page he lists a few things about himself. A real About Me page would be a tremendous asset to Lost in the South of N. America. The entries are all collected by month on one page, which makes the page long and linking to an individual entry is impossible.

I will definitely be back for another read of Lost in the South of N. America. The writing has such a great flow to it, and Kevin has some interesting ideas.

lost in the south of n. ameica