Review 2113

Weirdone runs on Blog City, a blog-and-host location I had never visited before. Weirdone’s boilerplate page is simple and clean. No links, no extras. There’s no information about the owner, but somewhere down the posts we discover “Anthony,” apparently at Columbia University going through the (dreary?) paces of life in law school.

This is a “junior” blog began on November 11 and the subject is “General details and musings.” Anthony veers off into tangents according to the whim of the day — here wondering about “how people made it through the day” in earlier times, when almost nothing was packaged and ready for retail distribution, there concluding that “yup, the weekend was a waste of time” (Anthony, you’ve just discovered one of the big constants of life beyond college, too)….

Anthony’s questions focus mainly on existentialism. He wants to rebel against the “inevitabilities of life” (something I’ve been doing, unsuccessfully, for the past…ummm… so many years)…. He’s also looking “obviously for a wife” (this is where we hit the mine field, Tony). He needs to know he’s winning approval (just like almost every other person I know) and invites us to “tell me that you like my blog!” We also get a longish post on Anthony’s all-round features:

I am not disfigured (horribly or otherwise)
I have clothes on my back (although I could use a warmer coat)
I don’t have any nasty diseases (asthma notwithstanding)
I have plenty of socks (sure, most of them are currently dirty, but hey) et cetera… etcetera

I liked reading Weirdone. Anthony’s writing is relaxed, with an undercurrent of humor. He does not take himself all that seriously — which is to say, he knows when and how to take a step back and look at himself as he truly is… That’s not the strong chapter in most people’s lives, and those of us who can do it certainly win points. His style reminds me of a military friend, an “ace” in all kinds of ninja-like undertakings who had done and seen things untold, but who always whispered in my ear: “Laugh with thyself.”

Weirdone is an interesting blog. I’d suspect that if you choose to return to it regularly it’ll grow on you. There’s nothing very special about it, no bells and whistles, just “General details and musings.” I’d say you’d add it to your favorites only if you really discover that you click with Anthony’s estimates and views of the Broader Scheme…Anthony’s weird site