Review 2108

When I was younger I absolutely loved “Go Ask Alice”. I was my favourite book, I though it was so real, so true to life (after all it was a real diary, right?). Well Raindropplets had me waxing nostalgia for those days. It reads just like the beginning of the book, when the author was in her good days, minus the weight obsessions.

Lauren writes long, coherent entries that, at first glance I though I was going to hate. I thought “here we go, another little girl who thinks she’s an adult with “adult” problems”, but they grew on me. Her naïve thoughts are endearing, and occasionally she has some fairly insightful pieces. I adored her entry “Dear Kealing”, which was a letter to her old school. It shows that this girl has some major writing potential. The last line of the letter, “Or have you been ruined by uptight administrators and lazy, ignorant students who don’t care?” really hit home in the way that a good personal blog should.

If I were to talk to Lauren I would tell her to keep on going, her blog is infectious. All the things I thought would make me hate it, made me want to keep reading in the end. Truthfully, unless you are, or once were a teenage girl, this blog probably isn’t for you. But if you are looking for a little reminder of those carefree, naïve days of your early teens I highly recommend this blog to you. The only downside, unfortunately, is the design. The long entries of white text on black did make it hard to read in long periods. Other than that, go, read, wax nostalgia, giggle as if you were a fourteen year old girl again, and enjoy.

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