Review 2105

w4 … weblogs @ is an interesting title. Considering I had never heard of Dan before I didn’t quite know what to make of the site.

It turns out that it is just one part of his “Web Showcase” as he calls it. The blog has very little content unfortunately with starting in late October and there hasn’t been a recent post since the end of November. However the writing is very good and aimed at a specific group of people. As you may have guessed based on the category this site is in – he targets other computer people.

His blog, from what I can tell, is to help him and others with consulting. Be it from a full on project or something trivial it should be covered here.

Unfortunately the best part to read on his site isn’t the weblog, but his articles he has written. They are informative well thought out pieces that should be read.

The design of the site is a blogger template. While I agree with the idea of a template for those who cannot design or code; someone with his skills should have an originally designed site. Even if it was the basic layout that his articles are in – it would still be different.

Overall I was impressed with the writing, but not the site. There is not enough content for me to say that this is a must read, and the infrequency of the posts also makes it hard to try to convince you to read it. I will say that it is worth checking in on once a month or so to see if a new article was written (this is about how much time is spent between articles). The site has a lot of growing to do, but in a good way. I hope when the site does evolve into what it could be, Dan re-submits so we can see the differences.
w4 … weblogs @

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