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“Its better to have tried than not at all. The finished product might suck, no one may like it or you, but at least you tried and that means you will at least have a foundation for you future success.” Those are Cliffords thoughts on his newly created weblog on November 18th. Personally, I didn’t think it sucked at all.

Clifford’s Weblogsite is fairly new, just about two weeks old, and this site probably would fair a lot better had the author waited a little longer to submit it. I very much did like what is there though. The author writes that he is using his blog as memoir and it has certainly started out that way. His second entry deals with a situation he is in where he is taking a girl, that he’d rather not, to a city wide winter formal. That post in itself is worth a trip to this site, its both hilarious and very intropsective.

The site design is probably one of the most unique I’ve seen. At first I thought it was kind of cumbersome, but the more time I spent there, I started to realize that its design is really user friendly. When first arriving at Clifford’s Weblogsite you are met with the latest entry (and a pretty handy headline telling you when the site was last updated). To see the other posts you have to follow the archives where you are met with a sub-directory where each entry has a brief description and a ranking on how entertaining or important you might find each post. The author was pretty accurate with his rankings as far as I am concerned. When you go to a particular entry, and the subject of the entry is a fairly long one, the author summarizes the subject and than give you a link if you want to read more about it. Sounds cumbersome at first, but pretty handy once you really see how it works.

There’s daily thought section to this blog, and what looks like some other sections such as links, essays and musing, photos, that haven’t been yet created. There’s an interesting section called “ads” where the author puts those required links when you use a guestbook or other service. Thats a pretty nifty idea.

I’m giving Clifford’s Weblogsite a 2, I wish I could give it a better rating, but there is just not enough there to earn anything else. In my opinion the author should have waited a little more before submitting his site, and I hope he resubmits it in the future. I enjoyed the little that was there so much I’ll probably keep tabs on this jounal and rereview a couple months from now. 2 stars, check it out.

Clifford’s weblogsite

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