Review 2094

The web log called “My November” not only looks good in November, but it is good and will be good the whole year round. Written by a twentysomething year-old bachelor from Detroit whose aspirations include freelance writing as well as an early retirement, Jamie uses his many thoughts and experiences as a kind of paint which in his words are thrown on the canvass (sic) of life. This is a collection of candid and frank thoughts mixed in with snapshots to prove his worth as a future photographer and film maker.

This blog is very new, only a month old for this review. In fact, the very first entry is dated November 1st. As the entry that day explains, it marks the very first day of Jamie’s life and the reason for the blog’s creative title. Rebirth and time to start all over again. So because it is relatively new, there may not be that much content yet. At least not compared with the more experienced bloggers among us. However, it is growing continuously as the days roll by, and I am sure that by the same time next year there will be an extensive collection of entries and pictures and all that kind of good stuff expected of a good blog. Up until to now Jamie has been writing just about every single day. Each time something interesting, new and refreshing.

This blog is too new for me to be able to give it an objective and fair score. As a reviewer, I am nonetheless expected to provide a score anyway. So Jamie you receive a good solid four from me. For the potential to grow and throw alot more paint on your canvas of life. Keep up the good work.My November

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