Review 2093

This blog is the ultimate proof that you do not need to have a particularly exciting and/or sexually-busy ‘real’ life to write an interesting blog.

At first glance, Debbie sounds like the ordinary blogger who gripes about her life in her blog. After a few lines, though, the reader can’t help but get into her story about whatever major disaster she is going through, be it a disastrous day at work, a bad dinner with the in-laws or just a general lamentation about how boring she is. Well, boring she is not. Debbie’s writing style is engrossing, and she clearly has a flair for writing. The tone is consistent throughout, and connected events flow nicely together. Here is a writer who is capable of turning the most mundane of events into a sensational tabloid news. Through her witty descriptions, one can’t help but find her life tremendously interesting.

The layout of the site is simple black and white; not anything to shout about. As for the archives: perhaps Debbie needs to re-post her old links, because the only link that shows up is ’06/01/2001 – 06/30/2001′. That’s a huge gap of more than one year in between.

Debbie writes well, and her blog is a joy to read. Other than the missing archived blogs, which left me feeling rather unsatisfied (deprived, even), this is a blog worth checking out. Who says married career women are boring?

Debbie Does Drivel

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