Review 2092

I have to admit that I’m drawn to blogs that have interesting graphics. The main logo graphic at is spooky – the eyes of the boy in the infrared shot glow and make me think of horror movies. Combined with the bar code to the right I got the feeling of Big Brother watching me. Zach is an 11th grader from Washington state. When I realized that I thought for sure that this would be another blog filled with typical teen angst crap.

Zach writes about his day to day, what’s going on at school, what’s going on with his family. It’s not exciting blog content, but it’s more like a personal diary. And I’m happy to say that it’s more interesting than other teenage blogs I’ve read – he seems like a pretty mature guy. Zach’s blog has only been around for a couple of months, and most entries are pretty short. I get the feeling that Zach has a lot to say, but nothing is ever really fleshed out in his entries.

Other than the main logo graphic, the design is pretty plain. It is organized, though, and I really appreciate a well-organized layout. I did encounter a couple of broken links in the entries. Also, I received an error message in the photoblog section, and the layout and navigation are a little funky there. The design doesn’t carry throughout the blog – it’s not consistent.

Zach has a photo of the day, which is a nice idea. He also provides an option to translate page into other languages. The photoblog section would be great if he could clean up the design and navigation.

Overall, is a solid blog. I doubt I will become a regular reader right now, but I might come back in a few months to check out the evolution of Zach’s blog.

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