Review 2091

In the past year, Erik has moved more times and covered more mileage in his moving from state to state than I’ve ever done in my life. Between all of this moving and the prepping he’s been doing for a marathon, it doesn’t leave him much time to update his weblog. He does do it when he can, though.

There are only 14 entries since December of 2001 until now at The posts range from happenings in the news to what Erik and his family or friends have been up to from time to time. There’s an additional weblog that touches base on how much Erik’s been running in preparation for an upcoming marathon. That weblog keeps track of the total number of miles he’s ran through the entire year, as well as a weekly total and some of the rather interesting places his runs have taken him – Delaware Park, around lakes, and even to museums.

Erik’s writing is clear and concise. He has very valid points when he shares his news-related opinions and writes them out very clearly for anyone to understand.

I really liked the design of the site. It was the same design used for the regular weblog, as well as the Marathon Training one. The neutral colors Erik uses give the site a very calm appearance and the layout is very easy to navigate through.

This isn’t a very big weblog, and looks as if it’s not going to be updated as frequently as the kind of sites you want to check back on every day. You can read the whole weblog in under 30 minutes, however, so if you’re looking to fill some time with some nice quality reading, this is a site that would fit that bill.

Erik Smelser

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