Review 2089

I don’t think that anybody out there is against trees, unless, I guess, you’re the destructive sociopath type or belong to the log-the-earth-to-death “industry” that centers on the indiscriminate destruction of forests for “economic” purposes (read, ‘make bloody profits, who cares for the rest’).

The folks who put together are definitely for trees and plants. This is a green blog, literally and metaphorically. Powered by Moveable Type 2.5, and dedicated to greenery, its appearance has the simplicity and crisp, legible text that are trademarks of this blogging tool. is sparse and quite young — its archive begins in October 2002. Posts are brief one-two paragraph affairs including links to other sources/media/organizations focusing on protecting forests and countering the wanton destruction of the world’s tree/plant resources that’s accelerating., for example, reports that new research on the world’s plant species suggests that at least 50 percent of all plants may be endangered.

There is little firecracker quality to, and, admittedly, if you do not belong to the initiated few, the blog’s subject is not a head turner.

However, we cannot but praise the purpose of this blog’s owners, who strive to provide information about global ecological balance and, therefore, about how to defend life itself.

I doubt that will end up on the list of favorites of the great throngs out there, but at the end of the day it is a praiseworthy effort with room to grow. Give it some traffic and judge for yourself. everyforest

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