Review 2088

The title of this site does not reflect on the writing abilities of Mike, who is a fourteen year-old blogger who has a way with writing frank and simple entries. No he is not neurotic, at least he certainly does not give one this impression. Maybe it is we the reading public who is all suffering some nasty neurosis, and it is Mike’s goal to write about the sometimes wild and crazy world in which we live.

Basically this blog is written to tell the reader about a typical life of a teenager who hates school but loves music. Nothing more and nothing less. If one believes the long list of aesthetics on the sidebar, then one would quickly conclude that he is infatuated with all
kinds of music. But it is strange that if this were so then music rarely appears in any of his entries. Except some blurbs about a marching band, so we can guess that he probably plays a musical instrument. But this is only guessing. In fact, reading between the lines in this blog is often guess work. Good and challenging guesswork that is.

As far as the style and colors, nice and simple but nothing exceptional. There seems to be some problem with the archive file colors, as they are nearly impossible to read. Maybe you need to look into this Mike?

It is always nice to see that the youth today likes to express itself through the writing of blogs. These works are often down to earth and straight forward, just like the blog called Neurosis. This is an okay site, so come and visit, especially if you are a teenager looking for others with similar high-school experiences to share. Or just another adult like myself passing by. Mike, you are not neurotic. Keep on writing anyway.Reservations

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