Review 2088

Reservations… What an interesting name for a weblog. Does it suggest that the author will hold back information from us that we are supposed to figure out? Or does it suggest the place in which he lives? The answer was neither of those. I don’t really understand why there is the name of Reservations at all. Actually the site had a new title of Lux Aeterna which I have no clue what that means or is.

When the page loaded I was introduced to one of the simplest designs I have ever seen for a weblog. Two columns, equal in width and centered on the screen. The left column is all the navigation stuff, and the right column is the information that is presented. Above the right column is a nice image that is hard to explain as it is abstract. The only problem I have with the design is that the main area column is too skinny. It should be wider, but of course keeping it this width makes the posts seem longer than they really are.

The most recent posts are obviously what you read first. I was a bit disappointed with the most recent entries as they read like that of an instant message transcript. Sentences like I wuz lik so0o0o0o sirprizd are just obscene to me. Why would someone butcher the English language that much, especially on a forum where so many people can read what you post?

Then I got to the end of the front page, and was disappointed. There was no visible link to the archives, however I found one here. I hate having to find it myself, but at least it was easy to find.

It was in the archives that I found out about Mike the author. The posts from further back really gave a lot of information while not doing so directly. Mike actually is a good writer. Some of the posts were poems or song lyrics that he had written which were amazing. Other posts were just funny rants and raves. But if you only read the most recent posts you would be turned away.

Overall this is a good site. It has its pluses and its minuses, but is at least entertaining. With a little bit more direction and purpose I think Mike will have a really good weblog. Of course, he is only 15, so we have yet to see the best from him.


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