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Ever wondered what the true definition of a weblog “untamed” might be? Had the idea that you knew everything there was to know about emotional pain? Think you have even the slightest idea what inflicting self harm actually means and what it feels like? Cutting into the mind and heart is one thing, but what about physically cutting up yourself knowing it is bad and finding it extremely difficult to resist an unexplainable urge? If these questions tickle your curiosity and you are really serious about exploring this somewhat morbid realm any further, then you have come to the right place. Just sit down, have a seat and prepare yourself for this blog. One warning though. Some of the graphic pictures as well as occasional detailed text might be too disturbing for the light at heart. So only tread here with both of your feet firmly on the ground and with an open mind. I hope this warning has made you even more curious.

The author seems at first glance to be a typical young man from the north of Wales. He views himself as the product of a wrecked home, living at home still with his one remaining parent. His many entries center around feeling good and then feeling worse (eg. depressed) and then feeling better again. The day in the life type stuff one usually finds on the Internet, but with a somewhat more personal and unusual variation of the theme. In his own words, “this site has been created to reflect my day to day life, and allow me to express my own thoughts on the things that happen.” Depression is a reoccurring theme, but the author tackles this morbid feeling with the help of the written word. Some of the entries can get pretty heavy and emotional, but that’s alright. Isn’t that one of the main reasons blogs were invented in the first place?

To quote, here are a few typical fragments I have picked out: silently screaming from the house, feeling worse alone than with people, Zinger tower burger and chips, faceless crowds, being cynical and paranoid, feeling good after a long night’s sleep, eating the entire jar of pickled eggs last night, ad infinitum. These provide the essence of this atypical diary on the web.

Through the modest picture gallery and an interactive video of him “nattering away” one gets a better feeling for who this person really is and what he is trying to communicate to us. Check out the short biography for more information. Also as an experienced programmer, he shows off his hidden talent through a free offering of various Basic, C/C++ and Java programs and games he has developed and designed himself. This is an interesting balance which you can tell puts sparkle in his eyes. Not bad, not bad at all.

If I were to judge this site merely on its element of shock, then it certainly would deserve the highest possible score. What with its frank and open discussion, soul searching passages. But at times it does get a bit too dark and cynical, even for so-called objective reviewers like myself. While the design is well thought out, the dark colors falling on the black background tend to weight on you after a while. Yes, it is fascinating and addictive reading, and I feel that because of this it deserves a rating of above-average.

Despite the author’s claim that you only have a 1-in-a-500,000 chance of hitting his site, hopefully this review has triggered your curiosity just enough to check it out for yourself, and thereby uppin the odds somewhat. “Stay awhile, you were meant to come here. It’s fate.”Untamed

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