Review 2084

With such an eye-catcher of a caption like “This is what Orgasms Look Like” and what appears to be a three-character rendition of the subject matter, cute really cute, one wonders what would inspire a person to scar an otherwise half-decent blog with such a nasty title. Kworb’s average, boring blog? I don’t think so.

You see, I like many people who like to discover new and interesting blogs on the Internet are sometimes offended or just plainly irked by these actions. Maybe boring, but my guess is
that most first-time visitors have a look at this statement and just leave. Well, since I am
a reviewer it is my job to hang around and have a look. Too bad all the others have already left, because they will miss some interesting stuff.

Like the poetry, the short stories, and all the pictures. Tons and tons of stuff. Artistic stuff. Personally I am a poetry lover, yet unlike the usual personal drab one finds elsewhere, these pieces are especially refreshing and quite original. My favorites are “Black and white,” “Rainwatcher” and “Antarctica.” Not bad for a seventeen year-old male planning on studying Econometrics in The Netherlands. I recommend checking these pieces out if nothing else.

So what’s the final verdict? Change the title, please. Something with the word “Kworb” in it. Something more decent. And get rid of the three-character symbols of the you-know-what. That way you will certainly attract more worthy blog reviewers (like myself). This blog is an okay visit, better yet if you are into half-decent poetry. But in the end, it is nothing out of the ordinary.This Is What Orgasms Look Like

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