Review 2083

Other than the weblog, there’s not a lot to this site. There doesn’t have to be, though. It seems the point of this site is just to give the author a means of release for random writing. Throughout the entire weblog there were excerpts of poetry, mainly in a free verse format, and strings of descriptions that often seemed like scenes from a movie or passages from a short story or novel.

There’s a start to a photo gallery, with a section on the author’s trip to Vegas. The section is laid out very nicely, and hopefully there will be more added to the galleries because our author seems to be a very gifted photographer. Two short stories and a verse of sorts are also available to read through at this site.

Design-wise, there’s not a lot to this site. The design that is used, however, is a nice clean design giving off a simplistic ambiance, which is a good overall description of the site.

Overall, Dreamweapons didn’t leave me with a sense of wanting to come back time and time again on a consistent basis. The writing is very descriptive and very easy to find yourself right in the middle of, and certainly very enjoyable. The personal weblog feeling at this site, however, is certainly not there.


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