Review 2082

A weblog thrown into the New/Links section is one that’s tricky to review. The author here, however, does a very nice job of implementing his own ideas and his own thoughts, rather than stealing those opinions from another source. Putting informative news articles in with a knowledgeable opinion makes this weblog one that’s very educational.

The layout to the site is a very simple one. There are tables all over the place, but organized very well, making navigation and reading through its lengthy posts a pleasant experience. Nothing extraordinary about this design, but there’s not anything negative either.

The author does a good job of combining excerpts from actual news articles with other related links as well as his own opinion. This makes for thorough reading about several different topics ranging anywhere from politics.

Grammar, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure – everything in that aspect is nearly perfect. The only problem I had with this particular weblog is that I just couldn’t get into it. I’m sure it was the fact that I’m not up to snuff in the “GreekNews, GreekViews, GreekOpinions about Greece”, as the author puts it. I’m sure, however, that someone with interests in those topics would find this weblog to be quite useful and visit-worthy.

Sphaera Ephemeris

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